Thickness Measurement System

Plastic film, sheet/rubber/sheet thickness measurement system.
Single or multi-layer online thickness measurement system.
Application: plastic film, plastic sheet, pipe, hollow blowing bottle, coating, foam board,
Lithium battery, foil, copper foil, battery separator, rubber

Our system division mainly produces online thickness measurement systems. The products measurement range include plastic film/sheet, metal foil/sheet, plastic bottle wall thickness, cable sheath thickness measurement system.
We specialize in non-contact, non-radiometric measurement systems.

Depending on the physical properties of the target material, we use variety of different sensors to tailor make the thickness measurement system.
Especially for online plastic film/sheet thickness measurement machines, we have already produced more than 700 machines and are operating in our customers' factories around the world.

Our system division also accept customer tailor-made measurement systems according to customer requirements.

food/fruit packaging container
industrial packaging container
consumer packaging container

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