Innovated illumination in the San Pietro Basilica controlled by Progea’s Movicon.NExT

After two years of hard planning and work, the Basilica di San Pietro in the Vatican City now has a completely new lighting system. This system has brought about significant changes to the Basilica not to mention a 90% save on electricity and greatly enhances the special lighting effects to coincide in perfect harmony with the spiritual needs of worshipping. This enhancement has also revealed details of the structure that have never been seen in 500 years of the Basilica’s history and highlights the special features of the great masterpieces that adorn its interior. More than twenty-five thousand visitors flock to San Peter’s square to see the Vatican every day and these new illumination effects will definitely give them a spectacular they will never forget.

The inauguration of the new lighting system was held on 25th January before an audience that also included hundreds of journalists from all over the world. The event was a great success indeed and the gradual turning on of lights installed throughout the Basilica demonstrated the great flexibility of the system leaving onlookers spellbound. This was a unique and rare occasion for those present, one which may be difficult for them to witness again in the future. The spectacular commenced in complete darkness and then the Basilica gradually

The new LED interior lighting was redesigned by the German company, OSRAM, in collaboration with the Technical Services of the Governorate. In its totality, the lighting project has an extraordinary amount of features: 780 special devices installed throughout the 12 and 110 meters high structure and completely hidden from the human eye, about 100 thousand top quality LEDs with effective photometric distribution and a digital OSRAM DS light control system. This system is also configured to adapt specific illumination scenarios to different occasions with lighting arrangements that also permit high quality television coverage.
Movicon.NExT was chosen by the Vatican’s Technical Services to control the entire system using the KNX and DALI protocols.