Vision defect inspection system

Vision defect detection system

1.Inspection system depend on material width, , flexible to use 1 to 2 pcs high resolution line camera. Integrate with vision software, real time
inspection defect, display, record and alarm.

2. Applicable industry:
*Plastic industry - film, sheet, etc.
*Metal industry - copper foil surface…...etc.
*FPD industry – back light diffuser board…. , etc.
3 system advantages:
* Depending on the material width and characteristics of the object to configuration, it is flexible to select 1~2 sets of, high-resolution Line scan l CCD camera.
* Use high-speed Ethernet architecture to integrate digital image processing with precision optics, providing instant defect detection and recording and corresponding alarm system.
* Can be used with printers, labeling machines, marking defect locations to facilitate subsequent queries.
* Instant display of defect maps for on-site operators to instantly understand product status.
* Reduce manpower and improve inspection efficiency and product yield.

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